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IG Maps (July '22)

  • Discover popular tagged locations around you, and filter the locations by specific categories such as restaurants, cafes and beauty salons.

  • You can now add locations to your reels and posts, to let your community know what you’re up to!

  • The dynamic, searchable map helps you see what’s happening nearby via tagged posts, stories and guides shared by the Instagram community.

New ways to make Reels: Remix Templates & Dual Camera (July '22)

  • We’re expanding Remix features so you can experiment with whatever feels more authentic to you and whatever helps you form a deeper connection with your audience.

  • Toggle to templates and browse different options to use the one that best suits your creative vision – all you have to do is add your own clips and post your masterpiece.

  • You can also level up your Reels with Dual camera, a new feature that allows you to record using the front and back cameras at the same time.

  • You can also expand your creativity by remixing photos on your reels!

90 Second Reels (June '22)

  • Finally, more time on Reels! Instagram has extended the time limit for Reels to 90 seconds, allowing you to share more about yourself and dig deeper into the storytelling aspect of your content.

  • With 90 seconds, you can create longer tutorials, demos, behind-the-scenes or vlogs. It’s up to you!

  • This means you’ll now have more time to play around, express and entertain your audience.

Pinned Posts (June '22)

  • Pinning a post on Instagram allows you to post to the top of your profile so that it becomes the first thing people see on your grid.

  • With grid pinning, you can get eyes on your favourite photos and Reels, and to make your best content better represent your profile.

  • Bring your creativity front and centre. In other words, let your best content shine!

Enhanced Tags (April '22)

  • Getting credit where it's due is essential for discovery and for finding new opportunities.
  • Instagram is launching enhanced tags to make it easier for artists to collaborate. Create content to get your deserved credit.
  • The new tagging feature will allow you to tag collaborators in a better manner.
  • Simply put, if you’re an artist, songwriter, choreographer, photographer or a significant contributor, you would be recognized!

Instagram Wellbeing Campaign (Mar ’22)

  • Instagram’s safety tools can be used to control your experience and take care of your safety on the platform. The starting point for this is to make sure you are aware about the tools that are available on the platform and make yourself more comfortable in implementing these tools when necessary. #OnIGYouDecide

  • Create a fun and engaging reel talking about how you create a positive experience for yourself on Instagram, and stand a chance to win exclusive goodies from Instagram.

  • Check out these references from @awkwardgoat3 and @sakshishivdasani

Remix any Video on Instagram (Jan '22)

  • Starting this month you can remix any new public video on Instagram, including feed videos and reels!
  • This can help you respond to and reinvent the creative videos shared on Instagram every day, and get discovered by new audiences through collaboration.

Telugu Indian Idol (Jan ’22)

  • Telugu Indian Idol in partnership with Born on Instagram is giving you a golden opportunity to ‘Skip the Queue’ and audition directly in front of the judges.
  • Get a chance to become a singing icon by posting a reel using the hashtag #ahaIdolOnReels & #TeluguIndianIdol.