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On Instagram, you can express yourself, share your voice and your journey. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be you. And to enable you to do so, Instagram also gives you tools like Restrict, Hidden Words, Two-factor Authentication, and Private Profile to have a safe and positive experience on the platform. All these tools are available in your 'Settings'

On Instagram you control your experience. On Instagram, you decide.

Brief to participate in the campaign:

Please create a fun and engaging reel talking about how you create a positive experience for yourself on Instagram by using any or all of these 4 safety tools: Restrict, Hidden Words, Private Profile, Two-factor Authentication. You can feel free to use a sketch format or transitions or another mechanism with trending tracks from the Instagram music library. The key thing is to land the message on Safety on Instagram and usage of the 4 safety tools.

Remember to use the hashtags: #OnIGYouDecide #InstagramIndia"

We will select the winners once the campaign in completed. Note that selection is subject to Instagram’s internal criteria.

Check out some references:-