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Check out this week's Trends to see what's breaking out across Reels on Instagram.

Trend 1: #JeetegaIndia

Assemble your own Squad and try the new #SquadIND Effect to Cheer for Team India!

Trend 2: #HappyDiwali2022

Celebrate this auspicious festival in style and elegance. Share your favorite outfit for #HappyDiwali2022!

Trend 3: #DiwaliGlitter

Light Up your Diwali with this Sparkling #DiwaliGlitter Effect!

Trend 4: #FullDope

Show your ‘sic’ dance moves and go #FullDope!

Trend 5: #KinnaSona

Dance your heart out to the tunes of #KinnaSona

Trend 6: #SajnaHaiMujhe

Dress up for your other half and transition yourself with this new fashion trend!

Trend 7: #SmokeyLight

Get your Shades in line and try the #SmokeyLight trend!

Popular Tracks of the Week

#HappyDiwali2022 Tracks:

#WorldCupWaliDiwali - Effects to try out:

What’s New In AR:

  • Wonder what your #Silhouette looks like? Try this cool effect to find out!
  • Use the #Sleepy filter to Crack the Code and find the solution to all your problems
  • Dodge your way out of the potholes to become the Ultimate #Potholesurfer!

More Music To Keep You Grooving:

Regional Trends To Try Out:

  • Let your feet rejoice to the funky tunes of #Gundellonaa
  • Discover your Step It vibe with the #WhoAmI trend!
  • Pick your best outfit and Shake a leg to the beats of #KanniluKannilu!

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More Trends For Inspiration:

  • Step up and dance to the beats of #CUFFIT!
  • Transition from your casuals into your traditional outfit with the #Don’tShutMeDownxTuTuHaiWahi trend
  • Definitely not your #Ghata if you try out this fun, comical trend!