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Watch IG experts Roxanne and Sweta take you through a virtual walk-through of Reels, including their do's and don'ts.

In addition, here's a summary of the answers they addressed during the session:

Q1. What kind of hashtags should be used and what is the logic behind right hashtags?
A. Hashtags are not the primary form of discovery, your content is way more important. They are contextual i.e. they help people identify your content.

Q2. Is there any specific time to upload a Reel on Instagram?
A. The best time to post your reels online varies for every creator so use the creator insights to understand when your followers are most active.

Q3. Should we make original content or focus on using trends?
A. Take inspiration from trends but create your unique content around it.
Don't be afraid to experiment or create your own genre while creating content.

Q4. Are there any ways to find trending music?
A. The Reels tab is a great place to watch content and understand what works and what doesn't. It also gives insights on trending audio and filters.

Q5. Is there a fixed number of reels we should post per day or per week?
A. Frequency of posting Reels: It depends on the long term consistency that you can follow. Never post in excess - the best way is to post in such a way that it works with your schedule and sets expectations of when the audience can expect your content.