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Finding the next generation of Live commerce creators and brand influencers from Born on Instagram.

An interactive Live session was conducted with ‘Aashna Shroff’.
Creators learnt about her content style, asked questions and got an understanding of the #MFSIwearmystory challenge.

II. Live Commerce training for selected 120 creators

After the kick off session Myntra shortlisted 120, all of whom were invited to an exclusive workshop on MLive (Myntra’s own Live selling platform). The session focused on the skills and methods of selling products online. Each of the creators also received a special gift hamper from Myntra!

III. Upto 20 creators won paid contracts

Following an activity assigned to the creators after the Live Commerce training, Myntra selected 20 creators who won paid contracts to join Myntra’s Exclusive Live Commerce squad or become a Myntra Influencer.