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Stay glued as Instagram Experts take you through an informative session where you learn to understand your followers better and design your strategy accordingly.
In a nutshell, creators can adopt the following five ways to understand their audience better:

  1. Using Insights - Understand which metrics to keep a tab on, considering the genre/category of content.
  2. Asking questions- Interacting and engaging with your followers through Story tools and Live sessions.
  3. Researching your genre for inspiration - Closely observing top creators in your niche to understand what you can do better or how you can improve your content.
  4. Create a balanced calendar - Post a good mix of what your audience regularly enjoys and what you'd like to post that's new, unique and engaging.
  5. Being patient throughout the journey - Take your time to learn and try new things, if your content does not get the response you expected, keep trying. Consistency is key.