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On Instagram, it doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't have to be flashy. It just needs to be something that is you. You can start one way and explore something completely new, something that is you. Because on Instagram, we’re all in the making.

Use the hashtags #inthemaking #makethereelyou in all your Reels

  1. What does “We Are In The Making” mean to you ? (Spotlight Idea)

    1. Go freestyle and create your own version of what being in the making means to you!
  2. From X to Y Challenge

    1. Create a reel with your very first reel/post on Instagram and your latest reel, or an old pic - to - a recent one, and talk about how far you’ve come. Use the hashtags #inthemaking #makethereelyou
    2. Pro-tip : you can use the AI voice filter for this!
  3. Unfinished Reel

    1. Post an unfinished reel from your drafts that’s still in the making. Use the hashtags #inthemaking #makethereelyou
    2. Pro-tip : Ask your followers to finish your reel by remixing it!
  4. Your Last Video is your next Reel

    1. The last video in your gallery is our next reel - pick any raw video from your gallery that you’ve shot/created and post as is! Use the hashtags #inthemaking #makethereelyou
    2. Pro -tip: Use timed text/ graphics/ AI Voice to set context!
  1. “Fire In Me” - Lost Stories, Zaeden, Yashraj