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Born on Instagram (BOI)

What is Born on Instagram?

Born on Instagram is a central creator hub designed to help creators across India gain a deep understanding of Instagram and build a sustainable presence on the platform.

This includes a self-paced E-learning course, LIVE masterclasses with experts, latest information on reel trends, earning opportunities and much more to help you keep up with what’s unfolding on Instagram.

Who is Born On Instagram for?

The program is designed for all creators on Instagram. No matter your background, genre or follower count, we have information to help you learn more about Instagram and “up your game.”

Creator Course

What is the Creator Course?

The Creator Course is a first of its kind, online education course created by Instagram for the creator community in India. It is a complete guide for creators to understand the Instagram ecosystem, the tools available, the community guidelines, best practices on building their presence on the platform etc., which is delivered through several small modules accessible through the “LEARN” tab. We recommend that all creators go through this course as a first step in their BOI journey.

What are the benefits of completing the Creator Course?

This creator course is considered complete when you go through all the modules that are part of the program and finish the assessment at the end of each of these. Post completion, you get:

  • A course completion letter from Born on Instagram
  • An AR filter that you can showcase on Instagram

  • The opportunity to get cash rewards and participate in brand deals

  • The opportunity to apply for Born on Instagram Advanced

How much time will it take to complete?

On average, it should take you less than 2 hours to complete the entire course.

How much does it cost to sign up for the course?

Absolutely nothing! The course is free and is accessible to everyone that is registered on the Born on Instagram website.

Is this content available in multiple languages?

Yes, as of now, the content is available in English, Hindi and Tamil. We're going to add more languages soon!

I have completed the Creator Course. How do I get my course completion letter and AR filter?

Once you complete the creator course, you can access your completion letter by going to the Learn page or by clicking on Creator Course in Home page, and then selecting “View Award.”

In addition, after completing the course, you will receive an email in your registered email Id with details about how to access the AR filter. Make sure to check the spam folder as well.

Born on Instagram (BOI) Advanced

What is Born on Instagram Advanced?

BOI Advanced is an exclusive selection based program launched by Instagram that aims to discover, grow and showcase high potential creators from all parts of India. It includes:

  • Live sessions with Instagram experts, industry leaders and star creators to mentor you through your Instagram journey

  • Access to personalized 1:1 consultation with an Instagram Expert

  • 1:1 Account support for bugs or any issues related to your Instagram Account

  • Exclusive collaboration opportunities with the top brands

How can I join BOI Advanced?

In order to be apply for BOI Advanced, you should:

  • Register on the Born on Instagram website and sign in

  • Complete the creator course to receive the recognition letter

  • Then, click on the BOI Advanced banner in the home page and select “Apply Now” (once registration opens) to express your interest in the program

After that, the Instagram team will select eligible members for the particular batch based on internal criteria. Each batch lasts for approximately 3 months, and if selected, you would be notified via email.

Support and more information

How can I report technical issues I’m facing on the website?

At the top of each page, we have a “Report” link which lets you report any technical issues you are facing on the platform.

How can I give feedback about my experience using the website?

Scroll to the bottom of the Home page and click on “feedback form” within quick links. Here you can provide detailed feedback and suggestions to the Born on Instagram team.

Where can I find more information about using Instagram?

You can refer to the Instagram Help Center accessible here

Are there any other creator specific resources available?

For more information, you can refer to the Instagram global creators website accessible here